ECN 102A - Analysis of Econ Data (Spring 2020)


  • Instructor: Colin Cameron
  • Time and Place: MWF 12:10-1pm, the Internets
  • Office Hours: WF, 10-11:30am, the Internets
  • Textbook: Analysis of Economics Data (it’s on Canvas, for freeee)
  • Software: Stata. There is limited (i.e. unreliable) access here. Since the textbook is being given away for free, I suggest you spend that money on your own Stata license here.
  • Midterm 0: Friday, April 17 on Canvas
  • Midterm 1: Friday, April 24 on Canvas
  • Midterm 2: Friday, May 15 on Canvas, monitored via Zoom
  • Final Exam: Monday, June 8, 10:30am-12:30pm, on Canvas


  • Me: William M Volckmann II
  • Office Hours
    • Tuesday, 4-5pm, the Internets
    • Thursday, 1-2pm, the Internets
  • Sections
    • Tuesday, 1:10-2pm, the Internets
    • Tuesday, 2:10-3pm, the Internets